1977 --- Plastico Corp. and Taiwan factory were established by our founder, Mr. Charlie Chou; same year, the factory was accredited with ISO 9002. The birth of Plastico first PVC pipe connector.
1985 --- Plastico first oscillator product came out on the market and started to work with Rain Bird for drip watering equipment and dancing water oscillator..
1990 --- Plastico first dripper product (E2) appeared on the market.
1993 --- Plastico first sprinkler valve (PL-4000) went to the market.
1994 --- RD Department was organized.
1995 --- 1st China factory, “Rainstar (Suzhou) Sprinkler Equipment Co. Ltd.”, was founded. Plastico first underground item (pop-up) appeared on the market and started to work with Hunter for underground sprinkler and valves.
1998 --- Plastico first hose end spray went to the market and start to work with Toro for
hose end and underground products..
2000 --- Taiwan and China factory were accredited with ISO 9001 and 9002 respectively.
2001 --- The birth of Plastico first rotor (PL-2500) for underground product line.
2002 --- Plastico first hose end timer (RW-6050) came out on the market. The same
year, “Charlie Chou Charity Foundation” established.
2003 --- Plastico first pressure compensation dripper (PD-0305) appeared on the market
2008 --- 2nd China factory, “New Star Irrigation Equipment Co. Ltd.”, was founded.
2011 --- A perfectly equipped mold developing center was organized in 2nd China fty, and “Newstar Mold Technology Co. Ltd” established. First Y type pressure regulating filter went to the market.
2012 --- The birth of Plastico first pressure regulator system pop-up (PL-043D).
2013 --- Plastico's first Food/Medical grade connectors appeared on the market.
2014 --- Plastico's first low flow sprinklers appeared on the market.